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For curing the issue of erectile dysfunction along with premature ejaculation the solution is EXTRA SUPER VIDALISTA. It can be expected to be the best treatment against both issues. It is safe if you take this medicine after being prescribed by a doctor and knowing the right dosage.

The medicine contains TADALAFIL AND DAPOXETINE In proportionate quantities for treating your issue. The extra super vidalista is manufactured by CENTURION LABORATORIES PVT. LTD.


Earlier the life of men’s have become a mess after the issue of impotence in them. And they are searching for medicine which would treat it in the best possible way. Extra super vidalista is the one required as it would not only solve the issue of ED but also help in the problem of premature ejaculation unlike other medicines of vidalista which is useful for the only thing which is impotence.

But the issue of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION is big enough and needs a permanent solution for it which is not possible for vidalista to deliver. Therefore for the permanent solution of impotence, you must consult your doctor. Other couples are searching for medicine that can help in conceiving but for that work, this medicine cannot help. Any sexually transmitted disease cannot be cured by extra super vidalista.


The extra super vidalista is like a sign of relief for the ones suffering from impotence and having the guilt of not being able to satisfy them as well as their partners. They have anger, and frustration in them. And extra super vidalista can help them gain back their affected life to some extent.


The tadalafil-contained tablet needs some amount of sexuality to get activated and after the activation, the PDE-5 enzymes are controlled so that the correct amount of blood flow takes place in the penis. The cGMP enzymes emit nitric oxide when boosted which helps the blood vessels and the arteries to relax and even the lungs relax so that the only job left is to pump blood and hence the heart is not forced the supply blood.

Now talking about dapoxetine is responsible for the increase in the level of serotonin which is present in the brain of the human body so ejaculation can be delayed.


The proportion to take extra super vidalista differs from person to person according to their health issues and past medical history. But it is very much clear or general that only 1 pill should be taken in 24 hours to avoid any kind of side effects of extra super vidalista. The medicine is to be taken a minimum before an hour or thirty minutes of indulging in sexual activity.

It is better if you consider the consumption of extra super vidalista on an empty stomach just with a glass of water but it is alright if you take extra super vidalista after a meal but try to keep the meal as light as you can so that the medicine can start its work as fast as it can.

But if you take a meal that is very oil, and fats then you may not get the required results and the medicine may even take time to activate and show its result. The most important thing to take care of is not breaking or chewing the medicine as even this would not provide you the desired results.

Extra Super Vidalista


The dose is an important thing to take care of in any medicine we take. Forgetting a dose would not affect you that much as the excess dose as it will cause major side effects that need an immediate doctor visit.

Missed dose :

Skip a dose of the scheduled medicine will not affect you much but either you have to skip the dose or if you are in the mood for romance then you can take it 30 minutes – to 1 hour before and then see the effect but remember to take the next dose after 24 hours interval so that your body does not get catch up in any kind of side effects.

Overdose :

Consumption of more than the required dose may lead to an overdose of medicine which results in serious issues and an immediate run to the doctor.


Misery in the head
Sexual apathy
Persistent erection


1) The reason for the manufacturing of extra super vidalista is not applicable for children under 18 years of age hence they should not be allowed to consume this medicine.
2) A medical history is important to know the dosage to be provided and therefore your medical history should be known to the doctor.
3) Allergies before or after the consumption of the medicine should be consulted by a doctor.
4) Nitric oxide or nitrogen-containing medicine are to be avoided as they are not suitable to be taken along with extra super vidalista.
5) Heart, kidney, or liver surgery patients who have done their surgery or are about to do surgery should cross-check with the doctor whether they should take this medicine or not.
6) Work of concentration is to be avoided after having medicine as this extra super vidalista causes drowsiness.
7) Fruit juice of any type and even alcohol is not suitable to be taken along with extra super vidalista
8) Hypertension and blood pressure are causes that cannot be cured by this medicine and people with such issues should not use this medicine.
9) Already running a course of some other medicine then you should avoid extra super vidalista.
10) Avoid purchasing extra Super Vidalista without a prescription.


The best place for reservoir or storage of medicine is at room temperature. This medicine may react with sunlight if comes in contact hence keep it away from sunlight as well as moisture. Moisture because this medicine may lose its effect or its results after coming in contact with moisture. Wet places and bathrooms also affect medicine therefore do not keep the medicine in bathrooms or wet places. But this medicine is not for children and women especially pregnant and breastfeeding as it may affect the newborn.

Children under 18 years of age do not face the issue of impotence and therefore keep it away from children. Home pets should also be kept away from the medicine.

The cool and dry place is the most suitable for extra super vidalista. If you do not need the medicine as your course of medicine is done or the medicine can’t be used anymore as they are expired. Throw the medicine in the dustbin but do not flush it.


Vidalista 60 Mg
Vidalista 20 Mg
Vidalista 80 Mg
Vidalista Black 80 Mg
Vidalista CT 20 Mg
Vidalista Professional 20 Mg
Vidalista 10 Mg
Vidalista 5 Mg
Vidalista 2.5 Mg
Extra Super Vidalista
Vidalista 40 mg
Super vidalista


1) Is a prescription necessary for the purchase of extra Super Vidalista?

Though the medicine is an effective solution to the effect of impotence it is approved by the FDA to be used after prescription only.

2) How long can the medicine stay active?

It sometimes depends upon your body how long it can do the work but normally it lasts for 4 hours if taken according to the proper prescription. Keeping in mind the warning and precautions to be followed.

3) Where can we get this medicine from?

You can get the medicine from any website but buying it from any trusted sites would reduce the risk of fraud. And you can get quality goods but at a reasonable rate from Healthsympathetic.com

4) Can extra super vidalista used for conceiving?

No, it is just a temporary medicine for ED, and for any other matter, you should ask your doctor.

5) Does the penis size increase after the consumption of this medicine?

The medicine is a perfect treatment for the issue of impotence but it does not affect the penis.0

6) Can extra super vidalista taken regularly?

For issues related to ED you can take extra Super Vidalista regularly but only after a proper prescription as approved by FDA.

Active Ingredient



erectile dysfunction with premature ejaculation


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets in Strip

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6 to 15 Days


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