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Earlier it was seen that only people with senior age were getting trapped in erectile dysfunction problems but with the increasing population every 3 out of 5 men are expected to suffer from the issue of impotence and are tired of it but now they have a solution for it which is CENFORCE 150 MG. This medicine has proved to be a blessing for them as they can live a normal life with the help of this medicine. The SILDENAFIL CITRATE  is considered the active ingredient that helps in the process of blood flow. The cenforce 150mg is made by CENTURION LABORATORIES PVT.LTD. 


The cenforce 150 mg has brought a vast change in the lives of men though temporarily. But even they feel that they can have a long time of pleasure in bed and can have hard-on erections. The word temporary is used here because the effect is stable till the medicine is effective which is for an estimated 4 to 6 hours.

whenever you perform a sexual activity you have the chance of getting affected by sexually transmitted disease but the cenforce 150 mg cannot protect you from that, Even if you are planning to conceive you must get a help from doctor as this medicine is not all helpful. 


The increasing tension, pollution, and workload have made the life of men a little stressful due to which diseases like erectile dysfunction increase and become a part of life. And buy cenforce 150 mg is like a present for them through which they can get their confidence back and can also save their relationship by satisfying their needs. 


The cenforce 150 mg just needs an urge to activate. After being activated the sildenafil citrate hinders the process of PDE-5 which is a type of medication that controls the blood flow during the performance of sexual activity. Now, cGMP is uplifted which releases nitric oxide which relaxes the blood vessels and muscles in the penis so that the process of blood circulation becomes easier. Then the arteries and the lungs are made to relax so that the heart can just focus on the work of making the blood reach the penis so that there is enough time to enjoy your pleasure.


The doctor will recommend you the correct dosage according to your health condition.1 pill of Cenforce 150 mg is enough for performing sexual activity in 24 hours. But remember to take dose 1 as a whole without breaking or chewing it so that you get the total benefit from the medicine.

Consume the medicine along with water to get better results on an empty stomach or else you can take the medicine after a light meal which does not contain any fats or oils so that even if the medicine takes time to activate it will give results as expected.

But consuming Cenforce 150 along with heavy food will result in slower activation of the medicine and less than the expected results. Alcohol or any other fruit juice is to be strictly prohibited during the period of consumption of the medicine. The correct time for the consumption is 30 mins to 1 hour before the sexual activity begins.

Cenforce 150 Mg


A perfect dose is necessary to get the perfect results without any chances of side effects. Therefore you must visit the doctor and know your right dose.

Missed dose:

When a scheduled dose is not taken by the patient it is considered a missed dose but you have the chance to take it whenever you remember or else skip it and continue with the next dose. But if you have made up your mind that you want to take the missed dose then the next dose should be scheduled after 24 hours of the missed dose consumption. 


When more than the required dose is consumed may it be due to a mistake or to increasing the time of pleasure in such cases you cannot find a solution at home and you will need to reach the doctor as fast as possible to get a solution.



Sleep-disordered breathing


Sore throat




Palpitating wildly




  • Cenforce 150 mg is to cure the problem of impotence problem in men but it is not suitable for women and children to consume this medicine.
  • Any type of surgery on the kidney, liver, or heart that has been done or is about to be done is to be brought to the doctor’s notice.
  • Alcohol or any other fruit juice is to be avoided along with the medicine.
  • Nitrates or nitrogen-contained medicine should not be taken along with cenforce 150 mg
  • Driving a car working in machines or any other work that requires concentration should be kept aside after the consumption of cenforce 150 mg.
  • Hypertension and blood pressure patients are advised to avoid this medicine.
  • If you are already consuming a medicine as for the solution of ED then avoid cenforce 150 mg
  • The medical history of the patient helps the doctor provide the correct dosage of cenforce 150 mg
  • After the consumption of the medicine if you find any allergies then consult a doctor.


The cenforce 150 mg is to be kept at room temperature and in a cool and dry place. The cenforce 150 mg on coming in contact with sunlight may react with it and with moisture it may lose its original content therefore moisture should also be avoided. Wet places like bathrooms are not all considered suitable for medicine and therefore avoid such wet places.

Children who are under 18 years of age are to be kept away from the medicine and even the pets at home are to be kept away from the medicine. If you do not need the medicine as the course of medicine to consume is over or the date till consumption is over then you have to throw the medicine in the thrash but do not flush the medicine. 


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1)  Is it necessary to have a prescription for purchasing the medicine?

 Cenforce 150 mg is believed to be an effective solution for the problem against impotence but it should be noted that this medicine is approved by the FDA as safe for consumption but only with a prescription.

2) How long does it take for the medicine to be active?

The medicine is to be taken 30 mins to 1 hour before the sexual activity begins and after the sexual arousal it needs at least 15- 20 mins for the activation.

3) How long does medicine last?

The medicine can last up to 4 hours but it also depends upon your body for how long it can adjust with the medicine.

4) Where can the cenforce 150 mg be available?

The cenforce 150 mg online is available on all websites but it is not good to trust any website blindly therefore you need to purchase the medicine from a trusted website healthsympathetic.com for quality as well as reasonable prices.

5) Will I become dependent on cenforce 150 mg on regular use?

No, this medicine is for the effect of impotence in men, and not by any means the medicine can be addictive to the patient.

6) Can females use this cenforce 150 mg?

No, this medicine is for the problems faced by men in their day-to-day life due to erectile brokenness, and in no way it is helpful for women so women especially pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid this medicine.

7) What is the age gap within which the medicine can be taken?

The cenforce 150 mg can be taken by adults above 18 years of age till the age of 65.

8) Can we take this medicine regularly?

It is better if you consume this medicine only when you have a mood to play on but you should at last take the final decision from your doctor

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets in Strip

Delivery Time

6 to 15 Days


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