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Men are considered to give more priority to their work than relationships but this is not true they also give equal importance to relationships but sometimes the situation makes them do so. When he suffers from Erectile Dysfunction he starts to lose all his relationships and most importantly his partner. Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a condition in which a man is not able to get and maintain a hard erection due to which he is not able to satisfy the needs of his partners.

But now there is a solution even for such a situation which is Buy Cenforce 120 mg. The hero ingredient of the medicine is SILDENAFIL CITRATE which makes the process of blood transfer to the penis easier. The company that should be given credit for the manufacturing of such medicine is CENTURION LABORATORIES PVT.LTD


Men after being affected by impotence feel as if they have lost everything in their life. They lose their relations with family, their partner, and their friends as he is not able to share his problem with anyone. But the Buy Cenforce 120 mg is like magic in their life which has made them fulfill all their and their partner’s sexual demand and allowed them to live like normal people.

And all this is done even after being a temporary medicine. Yes, the medicine is a temporary medicine because Cenforce 120 mg provides effectiveness for about 4 to 6 hours within which the men get the possibility to fulfill all their needs as well as their partners.

Medicine has brought a great and positive change in the lives of men. But there are some barriers to Cenforce 120 mg medicine which are some conditions where the medicine cannot work. First is when the process of sexual indulgence takes place if any disease is transmitted along with it the medicine cannot protect you from the disease. If you are planning to conceive then this medicine will not help you in any way therefore you should consult your doctor for any such reason.


The reason for using Cenforce is simply to get relief from erectile dysfunction and to bring back the confidence in life that was lost long back.

Cenforce has entered the life of men as a saver which saved their relationship and made them feel as even they are normal and can live like normal people.


You first need to have a sexual urge for the medicine to get activated. Once the medicine is activated the sildenafil citrate starts its work by controlling PDE-5 which is a type of medication. The cGMP enzymes are encouraged which gives out nitric oxide which does the work of relaxing the blood vessels and the muscles near the penile region so that the work of blood flow can be carried out smoothly.

Along with that the lungs and the arteries are also relaxed so that the heart can only focus on the work of supplying blood to the penis.  


A doctor can help you know the correct dosage for your consumption as every person has different dosages according to his health. The person who is starting the course of the medicine should start with only 1 dose first. Consume the medicine without breaking or chewing the medicine if you want the desired results.

Take the medicine with 1 glass of water on an empty stomach or after having proper food but take care that the food does not contain oil or fats as this would not allow the medicine to activate and work faster and show the expected results. Alcohol or any other fruit juice can make the medicine less effective therefore avoid it till the time you consume the medicine. 

Cenforce 120 Mg


Missed dose:

You may sometimes forget to consume the dose of the medicine but you can consume the medicine whenever you remember do not consume it along with the next dose as it can cause side effects therefore you can either consume the missed dose and reschedule the next dose after 24 hours or you can skip the missed dose and consume the next dose as scheduled. 


Take care not to mix two doses as it can cause major side effects and you will need immediate treatment from the doctor but if by any chance you have consumed an overdose rush to the doctor. 


Interstitial cystitis


Vision defect


Subconjunctival hemorrhage

Misty vision


Breast enhancement


Muscular contractions

Hard of hearing

Keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS)



Frequent urination

A gastric upset








The effects mentioned above are minor and may fade away as you get acquainted with the dose but if you find any continuous consequences then immediately refer it to a doctor. 


1) To know the correct dosage of the medicine it is necessary to visit a doctor.

2) To know your health condition, Your medical history will be a great help to the doctor so keep it handy.

3) Avoid nitrates or nitrogen along with Cenforce 120 mg as it can cause a sudden flip in the pulse rate which can even result in death.

4) If you have had any surgery, may it be heart, kidney, or liver, or if you have one in the future, inform us so that the doctor can provide you medicine accordingly.

5) If you are doing any work which requires concentration then consume the medicine after you have finished your work because the medicine causes drowsiness once consumed.

6)The medicine is for men to provide them relief from the problem of erectile dysfunction and women as well as children under 18 years of age are required to stay away from the medicine. 

7) Alcohol or any other fruit juice tends to reduce the working capacity of the medicine, therefore avoid consumption of alcohol along with the medicine.

8) Do not consume Cenforce 120 mg if you have already chosen some other medicine against the problem of erectile dysfunction.


The medicine can be best stored in a cool and dry place away from sunlight and moisture, As Cenforce is sensitive to sunlight and moisture and may react on contact. The best temperature for the medicine is room temperature. Children under 18 years of age are not considered suitable for the job and therefore they should be kept away from it.

If you have pets at home then keep them away from them also. Avoid storing the medicine in wet places like bathrooms as it can change the result-giving capacity of the medicine. 


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1)  Can Cenforce 120 mg medicine consumed along with cuisine?

Yes, the medicine can be consumed with food but one thing to take care of is that the food should not be heavy which means rich in fats and oils because heavy food can reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. 

2) Is it possible to consume medicine daily?

Yes, the medicine can be consumed daily but whether is it safe for you to consume daily should be asked by a doctor.

3) What if the medicine does not work for me?

The medicine may take time to get used to your body which may take some time but if you do not see any results for a long period of time then visit a doctor.

4) Can Cenforce 120 mg be purchased online?

Yes, Cenforce 120 mg is available online but you should purchase the medicine from a trusted site like healthsympathetic.com as it offers quality products at reasonable prices along with many discounts.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets in Strip

Delivery Time

6 to 15 Days


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