Refund and Returns Policy


1) Once your order has been finalized and the payment is made, we will send you a confirmation containing the details about when your product will be shipped, generally between 24 and 48 hours after your payment has been made.

2) Once the payment is made, we will provide you with the shipment details or invoice number so that you can track our order. The process of checking your order will be mentioned in a detailed manner. 

3) If you need help understanding the process of tracking your order, you can call our helpline number to get help. We are known to deliver your package to your doorstep, may it be your office or home address, but if you change the address after the shipment is made, you may not get the package, and it will be undelivered. 


We ship medications worldwide in addition to India. If you are a foreign citizen, the delivery may be a little delayed because customs checking is done once the package reaches the airport. Then, it is handed over to a local courier office, and the dispatch will occur. 

However, during this process, we are not responsible for the delay as customs checks are outside our hands. Custom checking can take a few days to weeks; therefore, expect more time than the scheduled delivery date. 


1) If you are an Indian citizen, the delivery will be done within a few days, but if some unknown circumstances occur like flood, lockdown, political disruption or delay in customs, the delivery may take time, and you need to cooperate with us. 

2) Generally, the estimated time for the delivery is 15 to 20 working days after your OD is finalized.

3) the customer must keep track of their package, but keep in mind about the custom checking due to which there can be a delay. You can call us to get the information if you are still waiting for your order within 15 to 20 days. 


If the package is lost from our side during the transaction, we refund or reship the order, but till now, we have never faced such a situation. 

All the customs duties and taxes paid by the customer if the customer does not receive an order within 21 days may be local or international orders, but you need to get in touch with the customer care helpline. 

If the customer does not get the delivery within 21 days, then the same order is reshipped, but this time, it’s free for the customer. But during such cases, you must inform our customer care executive within eight weeks of placing the final order. But if you tell us you have not received the order after eight weeks, we cannot help you. 


1) We are ready to help you if the package’s seal is broken or the package is tempered but within seven days of the delivery. 

2) If you inform us within seven days, we will arrange the reshipment of the order and the damaged package will be taken.

3) If you inform us after seven days, no refund or return policy will be available. 

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