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You are completely free to purchase medication from our website healthsympathetic.com if you so choose. The optional need to provide the desired result to the patient. This medicine should be consumed only after a recommendation from the doctor, and the doctor, after checking your medical condition, will suggest to you if the treatment is not suitable for you. We or our website are not liable if the results are not according to the requirement. 

The price of the medicine may change according to the discounts, prices, availability of stocks, and prevailing market rate. The product information provided is to provide general knowledge to customers, and there is no recommendation to use the medicine forcefully. 

The picture or description image attached is just for reference and should be somewhat different from the original product. If any emergency arrives, we can cancel your order, and we will inform you of that through your registered email ID, but you cannot hold us responsible for this. We can change the product’s price; in such cases, you cannot blame us, but this will be at the maximum retail price or market price as instructed and printed on the medicine sachet by the manufacturer. 

The discounts and offers depend upon the amount of medicine you purchase, which is totally upon you, and we don’t think you should blame us for this. We recommend our customers for a privilege plan, but we are not forcefully asking them to buy it, which should be kept in reference. The privileged discounts are for the customers who are subscribed only. Providing your email ID is not at all compulsory, but if you offer it, you can track your order, discounts, latest arrivals, and offers. 


We do not take any guarantee if you do not get the results from the medicine purchased from our website. By displaying our treatment, we are not doing brand promotion for any company or recommending that you purchase from the same company. We don’t usually handle it from where you choose to buy the medicine. We do not prove or guarantee that the patient suffering from a specific disorder will recover after consuming medicine purchased from our portal. 

There are many varieties of brands, and under that, there are many brands again, and the dosage of every drug starts from lowest to highest. It would help to choose the correct dosage according to your medical condition. Consult your doctor to know the right dosage, and if the same medicine and dosage are available, you can purchase it from our website. 


Our website is safe and secure for online payment, and none of your information will be leaked. The information you provided while purchasing the medicine is not used for marketing promotion of the treatment or in any data. Personal information like name, phone number, address, and email is safe in the digilockers of our data servers, and the servers have the best online security to protect your data. Once we receive the payment, we will remove all your information from our server and keep the information with your approval. 


Once your order is placed, the shipping and logistics team is responsible for delivering the medicine to your doorstep. If the address you provided is invalid, or you have shifted from that address, or there is no one to receive the order, the order will be canceled and returned to the logistical agency.

In such cases, a refund will be provided when the customer informs us whether he wants a refund or will give the new address, and this time, the shipping and the courier charges have to be provided by you. If some extreme weather conditions arise or there is some problem in the logistical agency, then the medicine delivery can be delayed. For such situations, you should not blame us as it is not in our hands, and you have to be patient and bear with us. 


Sometimes, your package may be kept at the customs department of the local airport or seaport. In these situations, the delay is not our fault. The customs duty charged by the customs authority is to be paid by the customer. 


The price written on our website is not at all decided by us, but our management team determines the discount provided. We don’t haggle over the prices listed on our website; they are definitive. The deals and offers are the maximum reductions that can be given on medicine.


Once the order has been delivered, you can cancel it within seven days from the delivery date. We can cancel the order if the seal is broken or tempered or the product is used, and in such cases, we are not to be blamed or held responsible.

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