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Erectile Dysfunction is a disorder which causes men to suffer from difficulty keeping an erection in these cases, they lose many crucial things such as their relationship with their spouses and because of this, a lot of successive events occur. The condition has affected men to the point that their passion for living is completely gone and they’re tired of the results.

After the introduction of the Unogra 50 disease in their lives it has brought about a complete shift in their lifestyle. The primary ingredient known as Sildenafil 50mg assists in ensuring proper flow of blood to the penis so that the erection lasts for a longer duration. The trademark company that is responsible for the production of Sildenafil is INI Pharma Pvt.Ltd


Men aren’t able to satisfy the sexual demands of their partner, and this is because of this, their relationship may be on its road to breaking up. Men feel less confident and like they’re of little value. The issue is so private that it can’t be shared with anyone and the men are depressed and depressed. They start to isolate themselves from other people and continue to look for ways to get out of their predicament.

After learning about the drug and taking it, the men have seen an improvement in their lives and have been able to take their relationship to a new level. The Unogra 50mg has a lifespan that is between 4 and 6 hours, and that is the amount of time men must use to meet the demands of their spouses and improve their relationship.

However, relying on the Sildenafil Oral Film 50 for all issues of ED is a huge benefit since there are a few situations in which the medication is not a solution. When you’re enjoying the joy of it, if you suffer from any illness medicine is not able to assist you. If you are thinking of having a partner to have a baby, the medication is not able to provide any help. The advice of a physician is helpful in determining the right dosage and appropriate dosage.


The Unogra 50 mg has given a new lease of life for men since all their issues have been solved but since the remedy is temporary, it is essential to seek advice from a doctor for the best solution for your needs.

It is stated that Unogra 50  mg is a ray of hope to many who are depressed, and depressed and lack the belief that they’ll never have a normal life and live their life, and every pleasure.


To show the necessary results, it is essential to push the medicine and it can be accomplished through an awaken sexually. After the medicine has been moving, the PDE-5 enzymes are held back however, they are vitalized. cGMP enzymes are activated and consequently nitric oxygen results.

The purpose of nitric Oxide is to reduce the weight of blood vessels and muscles of the penis region and the lungs as well as the arterial circulation are also regulated due to which the heart isn’t compelled to carry out any other functions and can perform the sole task of transferring blood to the penis.


A visit to a doctor is a valuable resource because it helps you understand the appropriate dosage of medicine in accordance with your health conditions. It is essential to keep in mind that the dosage of any medication is different for people with various medical ailments.

Someone who has not had a similar medicine before and can begin with a smaller dose and, if it doesn’t perform, ask for an increased dosage. The Unogra 50 mg must be swallowed within a 30 to 1-hour interval before having sexual intimacy together with a partner. The procedure to consume the Buy unogra 50 mg is straightforward because it can be taken in conjunction with food or even without.

If you consume the Unogra 50 mg in a state of emptiness, that is, without food, it will produce more in comparison to when you eat food since when you eat food, it is important to ensure that the food isn’t contaminated by oil and fats since it will slow down the effect of the medication.

If you cut the medicine into two pieces or chew it, you’ll not get any effects. Alcohol, as well as any other juice from fruit, plays an unfavourable role and makes the process slow, therefore it is recommended to stay clear of the medication as long as it is consumed.

Unogra 50 mg


Consuming a drug without a prescription that is in line with your expectations will cause additional problems for you. It can also alert you to different dosages and the proper dosage, so let’s talk about it :

Missed dose : 

If a dose has not been consumed at the right time, it’s referred to as a missed dose. It is not something that you need to think about since you can take it as fast as you can. However, in certain instances, you must look for example if the following dose is in line the missed dose is something to be concerned about and worry about. There is nothing you have to do is take one dose and then skip the other one. the missed dose. If you do this, after which you can consume the next dose within 24 hours. If you skip the missed dose, the following dose should be consumed on time.


Consuming more than the dose prescribed is an overdose. It is an escalating scene since anyone who takes an overdose has to seek immediate medical treatment. Beware of an overdose in any circumstance, for instance when you’re feeling ill and are thinking about boosting your pleasure or lowering the dose.


  1. The face is reddening
  2. Headache that hurts
  3. Hazy vision
  4. Upset stomach
  5. Muscle pain
  6. Bellyache
  7. Skin eruption
  8. Rhinitis
  9. Vertiginous
  10. Queasiness


1.) Medical advice from a doctor will help you determine whether the unogra 50 mg is suitable for you, or not, as well as the dose you need.

2.) If you keep your medical history, it can be an invaluable aid to the doctor to determine the dose required.

3) Combining nitrogen and nitrates together can lead to an increase in pulse rate and, eventually, death.

4.) Alcohol or other juices from the fruit could render the unogra 50 mg ineffective because it won’t allow it to give the desired results Therefore, try to avoid it until the point you take the medication.

5) Concentration exercises should be started before or after you take the unogra 50 mg as it may result in sleepiness.

6) Heart problems and kidneys can be treated with surgery or are planning to have the procedure in the near future, you must inform your doctor.

7) Women who are particularly nursing or pregnant and children younger than 18 years old should be cautious about taking the medicine since it will only cause the problems they face and not offer relief since it’s intended for males only.

8.) If you’re using any other medication to gain relief from erectile dysfunction, you should avoid taking Unogra, even if you are taking similar components.


Maintaining the Unogra 50 mg online at an ambient temperature will allow it to stay in place for a longer time. The effects of moisture and sunlight cause degradation of the effectiveness of the medication so keep it out of these. A dry, cool area is the ideal location for the medication. Refrigerating the medicine won’t assist unless you ask.

Mothers who are pregnant or breastfeeding and kids under 18 years old ought to avoid the medicine since it will only cause adverse effects since it is designed for men.


1.) For exactly how long of a time will the unogra 50 mg work?

The drug is anticipated to produce results within the period of 30 minutes up to one hour after having sexual contact. It could show outcomes for 4 to 6 hours.

2.) Is it possible to buy the drug without a prescription?

A prescription is needed to know the correct dosage for your health medical condition. If you purchase it without a prescription, it may result in serious consequences.

3.) Is the unogra 50 mg able to be taken daily?

Consume the medicine in accordance with the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Avoid an overdose. One pill can create an erection for up to all day.

4.) Can the unogra 50 mg offer relief from premature ejaculation?

Relief is available from Erectile Dysfunction in men, and any other condition like premature ejaculation is not resolved with the medication.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


INI Pharma Pvt.Ltd


10 disintegrating strips (films) in a box

Delivery Time

6 to 15 Days


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