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Erectile Dysfunction is a condition known as the problem of the inability to get an erection for a more extended period. The effect is so devastating that it has made men tense and depressed to find the solution. Men have no point unaffected in terms of relationships and confidence.

Sildenafil oral film is a unique formula known for its results as it dissolves in the mouth quickly. The active component Sildenafil Citrate helps in the improvement of blood flow to the penis. The company responsible for the making of the medicine is INI Pharma Pvt.Ltd


The effect of erectile dysfunction is so devastating that it has taken away everything from them, starting from relationships to confidence. The inability of the men to get erections has made them lose their connection as they were unable to make their partners happy by satisfying their needs. 

After the emergence of sildenafil oral film 50 mg, the scene has been reversed as now they can make love and their partners happy, which indirectly has brought up their confidence in them. The medicine results are expected to last about 4 to 6 hours, and the men must take the benefit. But the treatment is only one anticipated solution as it has some limits because if any disease gets along in lovemaking, the medicine cannot save you. During the time of pregnancy the drug is not helpful. For any such issue, a consultation with the doctor can make your work easier. 


The first and topmost reason to consume the  sildenafil oral film 50 mg online medicine is to get some relaxation from the ongoing fight with ED, which is also known as erectile dysfunction, and along with that, make your relationship work. Once your connection is smooth and everything is going well, the partner will also be confident that he has achieved something in life.


A mandatory action that makes the process of working the sildenafil oral film 50mg smoother and faster is sexual inflammation. With its help, the drug gets aroused, and the ac active ingredient, Sildenafil Citrate, performs its function. The first part is to bring the PDE-5 Enzyme in control and make the cGMP enzymes upheave the production of which is nitric oxide. 

Nitric oxide thus eases the blood vessels and muscles of the penis. With that, the lungs and arteries are also eased up, which helps the heart to perform only one function at a time of blood supply to the penis so that erection can be maintained for a more extended period. 


Knowledge of the correct dosage is necessary to benefit from the medicine and save yourself from any danger or side effects of the treatment. sildenafil oral film 50 can only be possible with the help of a prescription for the drug. Acoording to your health condition the doctor may suggest the required dose. Consuming the medicine according to your health condition is necessary to get the maximum out of the treatment. 

A person new to this type of medicine can try a lighter dose and, if it does not work, can ask the doctor to increase the amount according to the health condition. A single pill can help you get erection for 24 hours. Since the sildenafil oral film 50 mg might be beneficial in both situations, it can be taken with or without food. 

On an empty stomach, therapy works faster than after food. A period of 30 mins to 1 hour is perfect for consuming the medicine before being sexually excited. Another essential thing to consider is that the food is light, which means it is rid of oils and fats so that the medicine can function faster, as food with fats and oils does not allow the activation of the treatment and gets the required results.

The sildenafil oral film 50 mg should be kept intact and chewed as it will be useless. Alcohol or any other fruit juice can make the medicine of no function; therefore, avoid it as long as the treatment is preferred to be taken. By considering all the dos and don’ts, you can consume the medicine and get the results you seek. 

Sildenafil Oral Film 50 mg


With the knowledge of the correct dosage, if a patient tries to consume the sildenafil oral film 100 mg, he may avoid problems. A correct dosage helps to get instant relief and a moment to enjoy pleasure, and an unknown or improper dosage of the drug can open the doors for consequences; therefore, consult your doctor to know the correct dosage and get a proper prescription. 

Missed dose: 

Noticed sildenafil oral film 50 mg dosage may not cause severe health issues, but consume it as soon as remembered to get faster results. But you need to take care in some cases, like when the after dose is close enough, then try to understand to consume only one from both doses. Either the missed dose or the next dose can be consumed.

If a missed dose is decided to be finished, the next dose is to be taken after 24 hours, but if you choose to skip the missed dose, the following amount can be consumed at its own time.


The amplitude amount of the sildenafil oral film 50 mg when consumed can be a sign of danger for the patient as it can cause side effects, which then require a rush to the physician. An overdose should be avoided in any situation, like making the pleasure increase or when you are confused about the dosage.


All these symptoms are milder and may fade away once you are familiar with the medicine. Some other symptoms require help from the doctor like : 

  • Hazy vision 
  • Hardened deaf
  • Pain in the chest
  • An erection that lasts for about more than 4 hours.


1) A doctor is the only person with the help of whose prescription the sildenafil oral film 50 mg can be purchased according to your health condition.

2) The doctor also needs some help in knowing more about your medical condition, and this is possible with the help of your medical history from the past.

3) Nitrates and nitrogen consumption are unfit with the medicine as it can cause an unknown death. 

4) Alcohol can make the work of the medicine unbeneficial, and therefore, avoiding it is a better choice to get the required results.

5) The medicine causes drowsiness when consumed; therefore, complete your work of concentration before consuming the drug.

6) If, for any reason, you have performed surgery related to the heart, kidney or liver, or if you are supposed to perform the surgery, then let the doctor know about it. 

7) Women are not supposed to consume the medicine as it can make them suffer from various health issues as the treatment is made for the men to provide them relief from the problem of impotence. 

8) If any other medicine has helped you to get out of the problem of impotence then avoid combining it with sildenafil oral film 50 mg as it can cause significant trouble.


A room temperature is the best for storing the sildenafil oral film 50 mg. As the treatment is responsive to sunlight and moisture, store the mixture in a cool and dry place away from the factors mentioned to keep it working for a more extended period. Bathrooms and wet areas can change the originality of the medicine; therefore, it is not ideal for storing the medication. 

Refrigerating the sildenafil oral film 50 mg is only possible in case of recommendation of the doctor. Alcohol or any other fruit juice can make the treatment ineffective; therefore, try to avoid it till the time the drug is consumed. Women, especially the ones pregnant or feeding their children and children under 18 years of age, are not calculated as eligible to consume the medicine; therefore, they should avoid it. 


1)  Is sildenafil oral film 50 mg safe to be consumed daily?

If you consume the sildenafil oral film 50 mg as per the prescription provided by the doctor, Sildenafil is safe to consume daily, and it does not have any addictive qualities. 

2) How long is the sildenafil oral film 50 mg expected to show the required results?

The sildenafil oral film 50 mg has the quality to show activeness for about 4 to 6 hours, bringing the men to better their relations.

3) Where can we purchase the sildenafil oral film 50 mg?

The medicine can be Buy sildenafil oral film 50 mg from online websites like our website You can even buy it from other websites but take care that you are not cheated as many websites provide many offers, but the product needs to be better. Still, on our website, you will not face any such issue as the quality is trustworthy. The delivery will be as per your requirements, along with many offers and discounts so that every person can take advantage of the medicine.

People still trying to make a purchase online can purchase it from medical stores near you, but the only problem is that the offers and discounts available online may not be present offline.

4) Can alcohol be consumed along with the sildenafil oral film 50 mg?

Consuming alcohol or any other fruit juice can make the action of the medicine non-profitable; therefore, the doctor suggests avoiding alcohol till the time the treatment is on board.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


INI Pharma Pvt.Ltd


10 disintegrating strips (films) in a box

Delivery Time

6 to 15 Days


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