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To deal with the issue of ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION, CENTURION LABORATORIES PVT. LTD  has come up with a solution which is a perfect solution and that is Cenforce Professional 100 Mg. This medicine is not only effective for an impotence solution but it can also be used as a cure for hypertension. The main composition SILDENAFIL CITRATE,  Helps in the proper flow of blood to the penis.

But all these advantages also come with a disadvantage if you do not take the proper dosage it may even create side effects. So do visit a doctor for the correct dosage of CENFORCE PROFESSIONAL 100 MG. 


With the increase in time, the problems of ED are also increasing in men. This is creating a barrier in the relationship but now there is a solution for this which is Cenforce Professional 100 Mg. When asked in a survey by our regular clients they answer that CENFORCE has come as a blessing in their life. Earlier they used to feel shy because of their problem of impotence but now they are able to enjoy their moments of pleasure for a longer period of time. 


The use of Cenforce Professional 100 Mg pills is to treat the problem of ED for men. The medicine is to be taken 1 in 24 hours without breaking or chewing it to get better results. To consume with food or without food is totally your choice but it is advisable to take this medicine with an empty stomach so that it starts to work faster but if taken with food it may take some time to show its results.

If you are taking food along with the pills remember to take light weight food rather than taking a heavy meal. Take the Cenforce Professional 100 Mg medicine 1 hour before being sexually active to see the results. The medicine helps in the increase of blood flow.


The medicine`s main composition SILDENAFIL CITRATE  controls the PDE-5  Which is a type of medication responsible for blood flow to the penis it boosts the cGMP enzymes and does not allow it to break thus allowing proper flow of blood to the penis by relaxing the penis muscles and lungs thus making your moments last longer. 


After consulting your doctor you get to know the right dosage as the dosage is to be given according to the past medical history. You are advised to take only 1 pill in 24 hours to avoid any side effects. If taken on an empty stomach it works better but if you are taking it with some kind of food try to take Buy Cenforce Professional 100 Mg with light foods as a fat meal would slow down the process.

Chewing or breaking the medicine may reduce the effectiveness of the medicine. Take this medicine 1 hour before your intimacy to see the results. If you missed a dose it is alright but if you take an overdose this may cause side effects that need immediate treatment. Therefore be careful regarding the dosage.

Cenforce Professional 100 Mg


Missed dose:

If you forget your medicine then take it when you remember or else postpone your sexual activity until you take the dose, If you are thinking of taking the dose along with the next scheduled dose then avoid it as this can create an overdose and side effects. A difference of 24 hours is necessary to be safe from any kind of side effects. 


If you suspect taking medicine more than required or prescribed you should immediately rush to the hospital to avoid any type of side effects. 



Cloudy vision

Sore muscles





Body aches






Sore eye


  1. There are some things to be kept in mind while taking this medicine, The most general thing is this medicine should not be taken by any pregnant and breastfeeding ladies as this medicine is made for men for their ED problems. 
  2. No children under 18 years of age should have this medicine.
  3. If you want this medicine to work you must avoid alcohol so that the medicine can show its effectiveness. 
  4. Corporate with the doctor and tell him your medical history details so that he can give you proper medicines accordingly.
  5. Treated with any other medicine for ED problems then avoid using sildenafil as this would cause side effects.
  6. After consuming this medicine avoid driving as this medicine causes drowsiness after consuming it.
  7. Avoid taking any other type of drugs even if it contain the same sildenafil. 
  8. Any medicine containing nitrates or nitrogen should be avoided for taking this medicine. 
  9. If you have done any type of surgery may it be of heart, liver, or kidney then you should first inform your doctor and then only take Cenforce.
  10. Hypertension and blood pressure patients should not take this medicine.
  11. If you have any kind of allergies then avoid this kind of medicine.


  • It is advised to keep this medicine at room temperature below 25 degrees Celsius and avoid keeping the pills in the refrigerator as this would make the medicine ineffective.
  • The Cenforce Professional 100 Mg pills are photogenic to light and moisture therefore keep it away from sunlight and moisture and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • Avoid putting the pills in the bathroom or in wet places.
  • Cenforce Professional 100 Mg medicine is not advisable for children under 18 years of age so you should keep it away from the reach of children.
  • If you no longer require the pills or the pills are expired then you can throw them in the dustbin but do not flush them.


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1)  Is it safe to purchase CENFORCE PROFESSIONAL 100 MG without a prescription?

No,  if taken without prescription the medicine may cause side effects. If sildenafil is taken on an over basis it can even cause a stroke. Therefore it is necessary to take this medicine after consulting a doctor with a prescription.

2) How long does the effect of CENFORCE PROFESSIONAL 100 mg last?

If the pills are taken 1 hour before being intimate then the effect can last up to 4 hours so that you can enjoy for a longer period of time.

3) Can CENFORCE PROFESSIONAL 100mg purchased online?

Yes, you can purchase the medicine from a trusted website like healthsympathetic.com and if online purchase is not your kind of thing then this medicine is also available in medical stores near you.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


Erectile Dysfunction


Centurion Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.


10 Tablets in Strip

Delivery Time

6 to 15 Days


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